Leadership Alliances Nationwide Celebrate the 28th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade!

During this critical time for reproductive rights, Leadership Alliances and feminists nationwide celebrated the 28th anniversary of Roe v Wade last week. Many groups utilized the power of pro-choice videos to educate students about the importance of choice. The Leadership Alliance at the UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO had a video showing of “Jane” and held a discussion on reproductive rights. The SWARTHMORE LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE organized a video screening of “Cider House Rules” and the IOWA STATE LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE showed “Fragile Promise of Choice.” Feminists at LEWIS AND CLARK had a video screening of “If These Walls Could Talk” and displayed coat hangers with pro-choice slogans.

Students from the CASE WESTERN LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE protested an anti-choice demonstration in their town and several students were interviewed by their local news. The UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS mobilized students to support reproductive rights and organized a large march from their State Building to their meeting place.

Feminists at the UNIVERSITY OF PUGET SOUND celebrated Roe with a visibility campaign using our Celebrate Roe Action Kit Materials, the Pro-Choice Public Education Project Posters, and the NARAL flyers on the dangers of Crisis Pregancy Centers. They also distributed temporary tattoos and free condoms to promote contraception and sexual health on campus!

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