Leadership Alliances Nationwide Promote Choice and Celebrate Roe

Current plans are already underway as Leadership Alliance activists return to school and prepare for the 28th Anniversary of Roe on January 22nd. The LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE at SHORELINE COMMUNITY COLLEGE will host a pro-choice film festival. The CONNECTICUT COLLEGE FMLA has organized a weeklong celebration of Roe that will include an abortion-rights lecture with speakers from Planned Parenthood and the Campus Women’s Health Center. The LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE at UCLA has created a large banner with reasons why abortion rights are so important and will use this banner to collect signatures of supporters and recruit for their group!

To celebrate the anniversary of Roe, Leadership Alliance members at GOUCHER UNIVERSITY, ST. MARY’S, U OF MARYLAND-COLLEGE PARK, GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, HOOD COLLEGE, MARSHALL UNIVERSITY, and the U OF MARYLAND-BALTIMORE COUNTY will show their support for reproductive rights by rallying against the anti-choice “March for Life” in Washington D.C. THE U OF WISCONSIN, GREEN BAY LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE MAKES HEADLINES! Congratulations to the U OF WISCONSIN-GREEN BAY LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE for getting campus press coverage during their first semester as a chartered group! Students from the group used this forum to broadcast the goals and principles of the group as well as announce their meeting times! Great work!

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