Leadership Alliances Work to Improve Campus Sexual Assault Policy

Kelly Adams and Jennifer Heitel, officers of the LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE at GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, wrote an opinion editorial on the current debate around their campus Sexual Harassment Policy that was printed in a local newspaper. Their article rallied support among students and faculty for the newly revised policy which would improve the enforcement of sexual harassment cases on campus. GOUCHER UNIVERSITY has been involved in a comprehensive restructuring of their campus sexual assault policy. Working with SAFER, (Students Active For Ending Rape) the group has investigated their campus policies, conferred with a coalition of Academic Deans, Heads of Security and Heads of Health and Services, and participated in a committee of students, faculty and administration to improve the sexual assault investigation process. For more information on SAFER, please visit their web site at www.columbia.edu/cu/safer/.

Is your group interested in improving the feminist climate on your campus? Investigate! Check out Unit 1 of the Study and Action Manual for more information and a guide of questions you need to ask to critically examine and improve your University.

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