Lesbian Ex-Partner Gets Visitation Rights

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled today that a lesbian who helped raise her former partner’s twins has rights equivalent to a parent’s and is therefore entitled to visitation now that the couple is no longer together.

The plaintiff, identified as V.C. lost her bid for joint custody and visitation in 1996 but won an appeal for visitation rights, despite the objection of the children’s biological mother M.J.B.

Thursday’s ruling again rejected visitation rights for V.C. but upheld her right to visitation stating that she has the status of a “psychological parent” to the children and has a right to help in parenting them.

“Under the statute, V.C. and M.J.B. are essentially equal,” wrote Associate Justice Virginia Long. “Each appears to be a fully capable, loving parent committed to the safety and welfare of the twins.”


The Associated Press - April 6, 2000

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