Lesbian Files Appeal Against Employer in Washington State

Mary Jo Davis, a former employee of a state-funded hospital in Washington State claims her constitutional rights were violated by her former employer, Pullman Memorial Hospital in Spokane, and the head of the department, Dr. Charles Guess, where she worked. In a statement released by her yesterday, Davis said that, because she was a lesbian, she was routinely subjected to humiliating and offensive treatment by Guess, who often used expletives, such as “f_king dyke” and “f_king faggot”, to refer to her and eventually refused to talk to her at all–even when it related to issues at work. After Davis complained to hospital administrators, her work hours were reduced to three-quarters time, so Guess would not have to work with her. She was eventually fired. Davis filed an appeal with the State Supreme Court yesterday, requesting that previous court rulings, which dismissed the claims against the hospital and the department head, be overturned or sent to the appeals court for further review.


ACLU Press Release - August 2001

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