Lesbians’ Killer Gets Death Penalty

Robert Acremant, who murdered Roxanne Ellis and Michelle Abdill two years ago, has been given the death penalty.

Although Acremant’s original motive was robbery of the women’s property management business, when he discovered Ellis and Abdill were lesbians, he said it “made it easier” to kill them. He thought that lesbians would have no family to miss them. Ellis’ daughter Lorri said “I know he doesn’t have any remorse for what he did. Now it may put a little fear in him for what my mom felt the day he killed her.”

Acrement has also confessed to an earlier murder of a bisexual man. He claimed that the victim, Scott George, had made advances towards him. The trial for that slaying has not been set yet. Acrement has sought the death penalty since his arrest, and told police that he had plans to kill others.


AP and PlanetOut - October 28, 1997

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