Lifetime Television to Air Women’s Sports

Lifetime Television for Women is seeking to become the leader in women’s sports broadcasting. The television network will begin televising Friday night games of the Women’s National Basketball Association on June 27th. On June 19th, the network will air the second installment of a four part series of sports documentaries. The series, entitled Breaking Through, looks at the 25th anniversary of Title IX and is hosted by Geena Davis. Lifetime president Doug McCormick says that the network has a “responsibility to lead in certain areas, to help promote equality for women.” He continued, “This isn’t going to be a hit overnight; there’s going to be somewhat of an adjustment period. But at the end of the day, we hope it’s gong to attract a lot of new, younger viewers, those who have perhaps personally benefited the last 25 years from Title IX.”

Lifetime has in the past sponsored the women’s yachting team that competed for the America’s Cup, the Colorado Silver Bullets women’s baseball team, the women’s national basketball team that won the 1996 Olympics, and Indianapolis 500 racecar driver Lyn St. James. Brian Donlon, who oversees the network’s sports efforts, commented, “We’re putting our money where our mouth is. It’s not about just programming, it’s about advocacy, too.”


USA Today - June 19, 1997

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