List of Afghan Refugees Targeted for Criticizing the Taliban Grows

Afghan refugees living in Pakistan face severe consequences if they outwardly criticize the Taliban regime, which has instituted a brutal system of gender apartheid. Human Rights organizations fear that last months shooting of an Afghan writer living in Pakistan is not an isolated incident and that extremist groups, with a presence inside Pakistan, are preparing to target a long list of Afghan’s known to oppose the Taliban. Furthermore, Pakistan’s recent deportation, in violation of agreed standards with the UNHCR, of Taliban critic Mohammad Enam Wak, sends a dangerous signal on Pakistani policy towards Afghan refugees. Afrasiab Kattak, chairman of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan was quoted, “It appears the whole world has turned their back on the Afghans. These refugees are living in a vacuum and are terribly vulnerable.”


The Scotsman Online 6 June 2000

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