LPGA Taps into Female Sports Boom

In hopes of capitalizing on the surge in media coverage of female athletes, the Ladies Professional Golf Association is airing a series of television advertisements with the tag line, “L.P.G.A, positively amazing.” The L.P.G.A. receives 260 annual hours of television coverage–more than women’s basketball, tennis and soccer–but is less well known than these sports, largely because its players are not known to the public like Venus and Serena Williams are in tennis. The advertisements will showcase L.P.G.A. stars and up-and-coming players as young girls and adults with the lyrics from “Gigi,” which say “Thank heaven for little girls. They grow up in the most delightful way.” Tour organizers and golfers hope that the TV spots will heighten the attention paid to the oldest women’s profession sports association.


The New York Times

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