Maine Votes on Late-Term Abortion Ballot Question Today

Today in Maine, votes will be cast on the controversial statewide referendum, “Question 1.” Known to many Maine residents as the “Partial Birth Abortion” initiative, “Question 1” vaguely defines “Partial Birth Abortion” and would classify physicians who performed the procedure as Class D criminals. One of the biggest concerns about this initiative is that because the referendum is so vaguely worded, doctors would be hesitant to perform abortions fearing prosecution.

Individuals and groups on both sides of the referendum have invested more than $2 million advertising in an attempt to influence voters. Those supporting the “No on 1” campaign have had several of their signs removed from state highways and municipal streets. The pro-choice side is not discouraged, however. Jeanette Fruen, campaign manager for the “No on 1” campaign commented, “I just am interested in doing what we need to do to make sure that every pro-choice voter gets out to the polls and votes on Tuesday.” (Higgins, Bangor Daily News, 10/28).


Kaiser Daily Report - November 2, 1999

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