Major Corporations Stepping Up to Protect Gender Identity and Expression

Over 200 corporations have pledged to further protect their employees by adding gender identity and expression to their non-discrimination policies. In 2007 alone, 53 major companies – including such popular staples as Starbucks, Mastercard and Citigroup – have adopted this addition in order to better promote equality in the workplace.

The policies will protect all employees, including transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. These companies are also committed to better training their employees and managers in handling gender-based issues, including how to better handle discrimination and harassment issues.

“This is an important milestone,” said Cynthia Neff, officer of the GenderPAC Board in a press release. “Diversity leaders like IBM, Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase realize that gender identity and expression is the new front line of workplace fairness and diversity, and that is a reason to celebrate.”


Gender Public Advocacy Coalition Press Release 9/13/07

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