Man Sues to Join Women’s Health Club

Christopher Cox filed a discrimination complaint with the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights because he was denied entry into a woman’s health club. Cox wishes to join the Anchorage, Alaska Women’s Nautilus Club because of the location and low prices. Cox states that “we live in a society today…. where the bottom line is the one who is stomped all over is the male, especially the white male.” Owner John Sanky said “I don’t think [Cox] is a crusader for male rights,” and alleges that Cox had offered not to complain if Sanky gave Cox’s girlfriend a free membership to the club. Cox denies this.

Paula Haley, director of the Commission for Human Rights, states that it is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of gender in a place of public accommodation. The Commission will investigate whether or not a health club is such a place.


The Nando Net - August 21, 1997

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