Marcia Clark to Host Show Featuring Women in Law Enforcement

Marcia Clark, one of the lead prosecutors in the O.J. Simpson criminal murder trial, has resigned from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. In announcing her resignation, Clark commented, “I hope to continue to champion the causes of truth and justice in other arenas, and to focus on lending my support to the advancement of women.” Along with working on a book detailing her work on the Simpson case, Clark will host a half-hour daily show about women in law enforcement. Clark commented on the show, “I’m honored to have been chosen to help present the stories of the admirable and distinguished women who have chosen to accept the challenges of a demanding yet fulfilling career in law enforcement.” Producers of the show commented, “From cops on the street, corrections officers, parole officers, Border Patrol, DEA, FBI, Secret Service and military personnel to judges and prosecutors, the series will be a tribute to dedicated women in all fields of law enforcement.”


The Washington Post - January 10, 1997

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