Marines Assault Civilians

Two Marine sergeants allegedly attacked a couple camping in Oregon’s Mt. Hood National Forest on June 21st. The couple was assaulted and the woman raped near the popular Clear Lake campsite. Sgt. Rudolph Jackson and Sgt. Clinton Bergman were arrested for the assault and arraigned on June 23rd. Bergman has served as a recruiter for the Marines for six years, and Jackson has served as an administrative clerk for the corps for eight years.

On June 22nd, Virginia State Police arrested Marine Sgt. Matthew Putnam for assault and attempted carjacking after he tried to take off with the car of an Alexandria woman who stopped to help him. Putnam had run out of gas along the highway and ran into traffic to try and flag someone down. When the woman stopped to help, he assaulted her, grabbed her keys and jumped into her car with his 2 year-old daughter and 3 year-old son. The woman was able to get the keys back before he drove off and three state troopers, who had been alerted to a fight along the highway, pulled over to arrest Putnam. The children have been returned to their mother.

The Marine Corps is the only branch of the United States military that does not have gender-integrated training.


The Nando Net and The Washington Post - June 24, 1997

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