Maryland Rape Survivors Testify in Guatemalan Court

Six Maryland college students gave testimony in a Guatemalan court yesterday concerning the robbery and assault of eighteen people and the brutal rape of five female students January 15th. Other students and staff will give testimony today.

The Maryland students and staff were visiting Guatemala in order to study the country’s rich Mayan culture and were attacked by gang of five men in a sugar cane field alongside a major highway.

Carmen Shepard, Maryland’s deputy attorney general stated “All of us involved in this case are very proud of the courageous students and their decision to return (to Guatemala). They are committed to co-operating with the process,” she said.

According to Guatemalan attorney Fernando Linares, the students will not have to return to Guatemala to give further testimony, since their recent testimony will be admissible in the criminal trial.


Reuters - April 16, 1998

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