Maryland Restores Medicaid Coverage for Immigrant Women and Children

Maryland will reinstate a $7 million Medicaid program for immigrant pregnant women and children after a court ruled that it was unacceptable to cut them from the Medicaid program. In July 2005, the state dropped the Medicaid plan, which covered about 4,000 immigrants who have been in the country legally for less than five years, due to budget cuts, reports the Baltimore Sun.

The decision to reinstate Medicaid coverage came after the families of 13 sick immigrant children claimed that the removal of coverage was discriminatory as they are legal, permanent residents, reports Kaiser Daily Women’s Health Policy Report. “This is a wonderful victory. We only had 13 plaintiffs. Now we have everybody back in the program,” said Douglas M. Bregman, one of the children’s attorneys, according to the Washington Post. New medical cards will be mailed to the children and other former recipients who are still eligible, reports Kaiser.


Kaiser Daily WomenÕs Health Policy Report 10/20/06; The Washington Post 10/20/06; The Baltimore Sun 10/20/06

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