Maternal Health Advocates Ask G8 for Billions

The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health will ask world leaders to commit an additional $10.2 billion annually to support maternal and child health this week at the G8 summit in Japan. The amount includes $1 billion for family planning and $3.9 billion for maternal and newborn health. It is expected to address 70 percent of the global need by 2015.

Problems related to pregnancy and childbirth are the number one killer of young women in developing nations, yet not enough progress has been made toward halting this epidemic, according to Women’s eNews. Although 181 nations, including every country in sub-Saharan Africa, donated to the U.N. Population Fund last year, $34 million authorized by Congress was withheld by President Bush.

According to Yves, Bergevin, coordinator of the U.N. Population Fund’s maternal health fund, progress can be made in this field relatively easily. Honduras, Thailand and Nicaragua all halved their numbers of maternal deaths in only four to six years by addressing family planning, and ensuring assistance at deliveries and emergency obstetric care. “There is compelling evidence that we can have high-impact interventions at relatively low cost,” said Bergevin, according to Women’s eNews.


Women's eNews 7/07/2008

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