Mattel to Acquire Girls’ Software Co. Purple Moon

Mattel Inc. announced yesterday that it will buy girls’ software and entertainment company Purple Moon. Included in the acquisition will be Purple Moon’s Web site, its CD-ROM computer games and related merchandise.

Purple Moon’s products were created for pre-teen girls between the ages of 12-15. The company excelled in creating entertaining, non-violent computer games and online communities. Purple Moon’s products focuses on friendships and relationships between characters in the “Rockett,” “Secret Paths” and “Starfire Soccer” series.

Purple Moon was forced to shut down last month due to financial difficulties forced by fierce competition from larger companies including Mattel. Purple Moon President Nancy Deyo said that Mattel has pledged to expand Purple Moon’s character franchise “into a range of entertainment and lifestyle categories” and to go forward with plans to launch a book series based on the “Rockett” characters. Children’s book publisher Scholastic Inc. will be a partner in this venture.

A statement issued by Mattel read, “Purple Moon and its Rockett brand are known for their relevance in girls’ lives and will further strengthen our relationship with girls and our presence in software and technology.”


Reuters - March 19, 1999

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