McCain Dodges Questions about Women’s Health

Presumptive Republican presidential candidate John McCain resisted commenting on insurance companies that cover Viagra but not birth control Wednesday. McCain said “I certainly do not want to discuss that issue” when a reporter asked him about this coverage discrepancy on McCain’s campaign bus, the “Straight Talk Express.”

This is not the first time McCain has struggled with questions about women’s health. In March, he said that he was sure he was opposed to government funding for contraception to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa. He also said that “I’ve never gotten into these issues or thought much about them” when asked if condoms prevent sexually transmitted diseases, according to the Washington Post.

Congresswoman Lois Capps blogged on the Huffington Post that “American women and families deserve to know how Senator McCain feels on matters such as public funding for contraception, abstinence-only education, and the effectiveness of condom use in preventing sexually transmitted disease.”


Associated Press 7/10/08; The Huffington Post 7/10/08; The Washington Post 3/16/08

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