Mexican Feminists Organize Around 2000 Election

More than 200 women from 26 Mexican states gathered together this weekend at the first National Assembly of the Feminists’ Political Group.

Patricia Mercado is a leader in the movement to incorporate women’s issues into the political sphere. Called “DiVersa,” the movement lists legalized abortion, equal rights for homosexuals and indigenous peoples, increased financial resources for women, and an end to domestic violence as its primary goals.

Mercado said that if these issues are ignored by mainstream political parties, DiVersa would create its own party. leaders already have plans to register the movement’s vision as a political platform next week.

Mercado gave further evidence of the group’s determination by saying, “Up until now, the issue of women has not been anywhere in the political debate in the media. Women have stayed at home and we haven’t gone out to the public. But today we are ready and we will go into the elections with force.”


Reuters - January 24, 1999

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