Mexico City Police Charged With Abduction, Rape of Three Girls

Nine Mexico City police officers were charged with raping three girls, ages 13, 15, and 18, and keeping them locked up for three days. The girls said they had been walking Sunday and asked a passing officer for directions, who then offered them a ride and brought them to the station, where they were held against their will for three days. They were found half-clothed early Wednesday morning when they approached a street officer for help. City Ombudsman Luis de la Barreda said, “We need to make an example of the men responsible for this, and make a clean sweep of the force.” He added, “It would be a sick joke to ask the public to put their trust in the police force after this.” Colleagues of the accused claim that the girls were not held against their will and that the girls were prostitutes who asked the officer to take them to the station.


FAV News -July 27, 1998

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