Midterm elections deliver major victories for abortion rights

While votes continue to be tallied following yesterday’s midterm election, results show resounding support for abortion rights across the country. Five states had reproductive freedom directly on their ballots, and polls demonstrated that abortion rights were a major concern for many voters, especially young women, on either side of the political spectrum as they entered the voting booth. A recent survey conducted by Lake Research Partners for Feminist Majority Foundation found that 55% of young women voters in battleground states said abortion and women’s rights combined are the top issues determining their votes. The outcome of the election proved this right. 

Energized by Kansas’ win for abortion rights in August, activists saw double-digit victories in California, Michigan, and Vermont, as voters chose to amend their state constitutions to include the right to reproductive freedom. Even voters in Republican-leaning states, Kentucky and Montana, decidedly rejected efforts to restrict abortion access, showing once again that the majority of Americans support abortion rights and reproductive freedom, regardless of political party. Continuous attacks on abortion rights motivated pro-choice voters to turn out in November and protect women’s autonomy over their own bodies.

In Nevada, with 77% of the votes currently counted, the Equal Rights Amendment is leading with 57.1% of voters saying yes to prohibiting discrimination against groups that have been historically targeted. Nevada will become the 27th state to adopt its own version of the ERA.

As we wait for the last few states to finalize their results, let’s take a moment to celebrate the steps that have been made towards equality since the overturn of Roe v. Wade, but also recognize the amount of work left to be done to protect fundamental rights.

We won’t go back.   


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