Military Rapist and Murderer Enters Plea Bargain

Danial J. Williams was convicted of raping and stabbing the wife of a neighbor and Navy colleague in July 1997. Six other men who had also been current or former members of the U.S. navy are also charged in the crime.

As part of a plea bargain that would protect him from a death sentence, Williams testified that each of the seven men had raped 18-year-old Michelle Moore-Bosko while the others held her down and covered her mouth.

Williams also testified that the men had each fulfilled a premeditated pledge to stab her before Williams strangled her. The plan, designed by Williams, was to have each man participate in the murder so that he would be less willing to testify against the others if implicated as a suspect in the case.

Williams will be sentenced to life in prison without parole. Four more suspects, two of whom plan to plead guilty, will be face their trials next month.

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AP - January 25, 1999

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