Milwaukee Police Officer Accused of Sexual and Physical Assault

Officer John Joseph Mark of the Milwaukee Police Department was charged this week with assaulting a female citizen after she resisted his sexual advances. He then lied about the encounter to investigators, saying that the woman fabricated the story. Marek, 27, was charged with a felony count of misconduct in office, and three misdemeanors including battery, criminal damage to property and obstructing an officer. The District Attorney’s office refused to comment about why the charges do not include an attempted sexual assault charge. According to the woman involved, Marek offered to drive her home late at night, and made sexual advances to her in his patrol car, and in her home, leading to an altercation resulting in the woman calling 911, and having bruises on her neck, arms, and torso. Marek was suspended with pay and is awaiting a preliminary hearing.


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 06/05/02

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