Milwaukee Voters Approve Paid Sick Leave Law

Milwaukee voters approved a ballot referendum last week that will require paid sick leave for workers. The referendum, which passed with 68 percent voter approval, will require employers to provide workers with nine paid sick days. Businesses with less than 10 employees will be required to provide five paid sick days.

According to the Chicago Tribune, employees accumulate the maximum nine paid sick days per year by gaining an hour of paid sick-leave for every 30 hours worked. Only two other US cities have paid-sick leave measures. San Francisco passed a similar law in 2006 with 61 percent voter approval and Washington, DC is in the process of implementing a similar law, which was approved by the City Council earlier this year.

The Milwaukee law was strongly supported by 9to5, National Association of Working Women. According to Women’s eNews, 9to5 Director Amy Stear said of the groups’ success: “we knew this was an issue that resonated with people in the city who understand it’s so important for families to have the ability to work and care for their families.”


Chicago Tribune 11/6/2008, Women's eNews 11/8/08

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