Violence Against Women

Mississippi Lawmaker Arrested for Punching Wife in the Face

This week, Republican Mississippi state Representative Doug McLeod was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge after he punched his wife in the face for not undressing quickly enough when he decided he wanted to have sex.

McLeod’s wife said her husband “just snapped” when he was drunk, something he does often when he drinks alcohol, and punched her. She hid in a locked room in the house until the police came and assured her she would be safe from her husband. While hiding in the locked room, McLeod yelled at his wife to come out or he would “kill her (expletive) dog.” The police found McLeod’s wife shaking and upset.

When the police arrived, responding to a report of domestic violence, McLeod answered the door asking, “Are you kidding me?” The police found blood on the bed and the bedroom floor. The police arrested McLeod but he is now out on bail.

Republican House Speaker Philip Gunn said that he has “attempted to contact Rep. McLeod to request his resignation, if in fact, these allegations are true. These actions are unacceptable for anyone.”

McLeod has held his seat since 2012 and is currently running unopposed. He has yet to comment on if he will resign from the state legislature.

Media Resources: WTOP 5/21/19

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