Missouri House Restricts Use of Mifepristone

Missouri House of Representatives introduced an amendment on a drug monitoring bill on Tuesday that would classify mifepristone, formerly known as RU-486, as a Schedule I controlled substance. Schedule I controlled substances are drugs that have a high potential for abuse and no medicinal value, such as heroin or LSD. Mifepristone is not addictive and is only administered by a women’s healthcare provider. It is not available by prescription or at a pharmacy.

State Representative Kenneth Jones, the original bill’s sponsor, said in the Columbia Missourian that “Class I drugs have a lot of addictive qualities, but no medical qualities. [Mifepristone] just doesn’t fit there. Whether you put it there or not, it doesn’t fit with the federal standards for a Schedule I drug.” Kiani was still stoned to death on July 5, 2007. Ebrahimi’s death was stayed due to the public outcry, and last week the Iranian judiciary amnesty commission released her from prison.

According the the Kansas City Star, the bill was originally intended to combat the production of methamphetamine by monitoring the purchase of prescription drugs. It has not yet passed in the state House.

Michelle Trupiano, a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood told the Kansas City Star, “This whole amendment was about anti-choice legislators wanting to talk about abortion, no matter what the issue.”

Learn more about mifepristone at Feminist Majority Foundation’s Campaign for Mifepristone and Contraceptive Research.


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