Missouri Senate Approves Ban on Abortion Procedures

The Missouri Senate approved HB 427, the “Infants Protection Act” early this morning. The bill, which allows no exception in cases when an abortion is necessary to save a woman’s life, would allow police to charge abortion providers and their patients with second degree murder if a fetus is “partially born” or extracted through the birth canal during an abortion procedure.

Opponents of the bill argue that the measure could potentially ban surgical abortion procedures conducted on women who are as little as 40 days pregnant and presumes guilt on the part of abortion providers and women seeking abortions.

Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan has promised to veto any anti-abortion bill that lacks a health exception and has followed this policy in the past. The bill now returns to the House, where it earlier received strong support.


St. Louis Post-Dispatch - May 5, 1999

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