Missouri State Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto on Birth Control Coverage

The Missouri state legislature voted to override Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of a law that would exempt religious institutions from providing contraception coverage to employees yesterday. In addition the legislature gave a public rebuttal to the Obama Administration for the Affordable Care Act, the first in the nation. The veto override and rebuttal came as the result of a vote of 109-45, the minimum needed to pass.

Under the Affordable Care act, contraceptive coverage must be provided to employees with no co-pay. Many religious institutions have filed lawsuits asking for injunctions against the birth control mandate. According to Businessweek, Missouri is one of 21 states who already have some type of exemption from covering contraception for religious institutions in their state laws.

Following the decision, Governor Nixon stated “By their act today, the legislators who voted to override this veto are standing between women and their right to make their own personal decisions about birth control.” The law originally passed in May 2012, and was vetoed by Nixon in July.

Media Resources: Businessweek 9/12/12; Thinkprogress 9/12/12; Feminist Newswire 5/22/12

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