Mitsubishi Allegedly Interfering in Sex Discrimination Case

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has accused Mitsubishi Motors Manufacturing with interfering with the government’s sex discrimination lawsuit against the company. In a brief filed with the U.S. District Court in Peoria, Ill., the government’s lawyers allege that the company improperly asked women workers whether they planned to join the class-action lawsuit, whether they took notes of the harassment, copies of any notes and further misinformed the women that they could be eligible for damage awards even if they did not participate in the suit. The EEOC is seeking approximately $300,000 in damages for each of the 700 persons involved in the class action suit, thus making this case one of the biggest government sex discrimination suits ever brought. The company is accused of allowing its workers to habitually grope, touch and harass women employees while managers stood by and did nothing.


Reuters - March 6, 1997

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