Mitsubishi Hopes For Out of Court Settlement

Mitsubishi, which is facing a massive sexual harassment suit filed by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission two weeks ago brought on behalf of 29 female workers, has said that they hoped to settle out of court. Over 300 female employees at the only U.S. Mitsubishi assembly plant in Normal, Ill, have alleged relentless sexual harassment that included constant demands for sex, degrading name-calling such as “whore”, and strict retaliations against women who complained about the behavior. In his first interview since the allegations, the Mitsubishi CEO, Tsuneo Ohinouye, admitted that serious incidents did occur at the plant. He said that many changes have been made in response to the charges; 10 male employees have been fired, three have been demoted, and several have been given verbal or written warnings. The company recently found itself in further public scrutiny after sending 2,000 workers and mangers to protest the lawsuit at the EEOC office in Chicago. The travel costs were financed by the company, employees were given a free lunch and a day’s pay. Employees who did not go to the protest had to submit a written statement giving a reason as to why they could not attend. Related Stories: April 18,1996


The Associated Press - April 25, 1996

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