MO House, Senate Vote to Keep 24-Hour Abortion Waiting Period

Both houses in Missouri’s legislature voted to override Governor Bob Holden’s (D) veto of a bill that would require doctors to provide information to women about abortion 24 hours before the procedure, making the measure law.

The new law requires women to sign a consent form 24 hours before undergoing the procedure and will require doctors to inform patients about “risk factors, including any physical, psychological, or situational factors for the proposed procedure, ” reports Kaiser Network. In addition, according to the bill, doctors are required to have at minimum $500,000 in medial malpractice insurance.

According to the Kansas City Star, Gov. Holden told the crowd that the bill is an unnecessary burden to women and a blatant attempt to block access to abortion. “Missouri women have the right to determine their own future,” he said, according to the Star. According to NARAL Pro-Choice America, at least 17 other states have enacted mandatory waiting periods before obtaining abortions.

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