More Leadership Alliance Activism

The NORTHEASTERN ILLINOIS FMLA worked very hard with the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Alliance to organize their Campus Coming Out Ball to celebrate tolerance and sexual freedom. The group received 4,000 dollars from the University to organize the event that drew 145 people and ended up being one of the biggest Friday evening campus events in several years!

With four days of active tabling and strategic classroom announcements, the FMLA at SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY raised 115 dollars during their Breast Cancer Ribbon Drive. The group donated the funds to Breast Health Access For Women with Disabilities, a local organization that aims to increase access to and utilization of breast screening by women age 20 and older with limitations in mobility and vision. Learn more about their work, http://www.bhawd.org.

This weekend, FMLA activists from PORTLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE – SYLVANNIA will trek up to Seattle, Washington this weekend for the Imagine Revolution Conference. Hosted by Radical Women, a feminist organization dedicated to achieving full equality for women, people of color, lesbians, gays, and working people. The event will take place at the University of Washington School of Social Work, where the group plans on participating in workshops and discussions for women’s equality and a more progressive society. The group recently installed a provocative and educational display about women’s rights – including reproductive rights, domestic and sexual assault, and employment, for the National Young Women’s Day of Action.

CERRITOS COMMUNITY COLLEGE FMLA sent 8 members to volunteer with the Feminist Majority Foundation to participate in the 9th Annual Clinic Violence Survey. Students came to the West Coast Office in California and surveyed abortion clinics on their work and experience with anti-abortion activists.

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