More Pro-Choice and Feminist Activism!

The TEXAS WOMAN’S UNIVERSITY FMLA organized a potluck dinner for Roe v. Wade and screened a pro-choice film for an audience of several dozen students. The UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA – TWIN CITIES FMLA begins volunteering as clinic escorts in March. The GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY FMLA attended the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force(WACDTF) training the weekend before the Roe Anniversary to protect abortion access through volunteer clinic escorting.

Working with their local Planned Parenthood, the CORNELL UNIVERSITY FMLA Affiliate, SAGE, organized a letter writing session to NY senators about abortion and reproductive rights issues. They also organized a celebration of the 30th anniversary of Roe with a lecture addressing what is was like for women before Roe v. Wade as well as current threats to the abortion.

The UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN — GREEN BAY FMLA is recognizing women’s sports by creating and showcasing women in sports in a display on campus.


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