MSU Makes Graduating Health Care Students Available to Aid in COVID-19 Response

In cooperation with the growing needs of Michigan’s health care workforce in its fight against the coronavirus and the high rate of transmission/number of cases in Michigan, Michigan State University (MSU) is now ending its programs early to make newly graduated students available to help the state’s health care field fight against the coronavirus.

MSU’s actions are a result of MI Governor Whitmer’s efforts to increase the number of young professionals in the field. These recent graduates will jump in, immediately beginning their professional career by working on the front lines of this global pandemic. This effort includes 87 nurses, 61 medical doctors, and 213 osteopathic physicians. Michigan State is also working with the Department of Licensing to expedite licenses.

Additionally, the University is also joining efforts with other health care professionals to create 3D-printed face shields to help supply hospitals and other healthcare facilities with the necessary personal protective equipment they desperately need. Different colleges across MSU’s campus, including the College of Osteopathic Medicine, College of Engineering, College of Natural Science, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and the College of Arts and Letters, are all contributing to this aid effort.


Sources: MSU Today 03/31/2020; MSU Today 03/30/2020

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