MTV Generation: Gore for Abortion Pill; Against Misogyny

During a 90-minute “Choose or Lose” presentation on MTV, Al Gore spoke with 150 college students about his platform and the issues that most concerned them. Throughout the town hall style forum, Gore repeatedly voiced his support for abortion rights and approval of mifepristone, the early abortion pill. “The Supreme Court that is picked by the next president — three maybe even four justices _ will interpret the Constitution for the next 30 or 40 years, until you’re my age,” Gore told the audience. “And so, you have a lot riding on whether or not civil rights, equal rights, women’s rights are protected in the philosophical choices made by the next president.”

Gore continued to express support for women’s rights, and even used the “M” word, misogyny, when talking about the influence of popular music on society. Republican nominee George W. Bush has yet to accept MTV’s offer to appear in a similar program.


MTV _ September 26, 2000, Feminist Majority Foundation _ September 28, 2000

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