NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin Seeks Candidates’ Stances on Contraception

Citing the increasingly anti-contraception climate in Wisconsin, NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin has asked the three gubernatorial candidates to state their position on contraception. So far, only current Democratic Governor Jim Doyle has voiced his support for contraceptive access.

In the letter to candidates, NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin executive director Kelda Helen Roys writes “Birth control is basic health care, and the men and women of Wisconsin deserve to know where the candidates stand on this issue of fundamental importance,” reports The Capitol Times. The letter then cites Matt Sande, director of legislative affairs for Pro-Life Wisconsin, who exposed that organization’s opposition to birth control by telling The Capitol Times that “By outlawing contraception, you’re closer to outlawing surgical abortion.”

The Wisconsin state legislature also recently passed a bill banning emergency contraception from University of Wisconsin campuses. However, the bill has not yet passed the Senate, and Governor Doyle has said that he would veto it.

TAKE ACTION Urge the FDA to immediately approve over-the-counter status for emergency contraception


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