National Security Strategy Vows to Support Rights of Women and Girls

The National Security Strategy released by the Obama administration yesterday includes a section that vows to support the rights of women and girls. The section reads: “Women should have access to the same opportunities and be able to make the same choices as men. Experience shows that countries are more peaceful and prosperous when women are accorded full and equal rights and opportunity. When those rights and opportunities are denied, countries often lag behind. Furthermore, women and girls often disproportionally bear the burden of crises and conflict. Therefore the United States is working with regional and international organizations to prevent violence against women and girls, especially in conflict zones. We are supporting women’s equal access to justice and their participation in the political process. We are promoting child and maternal health. We are combating human trafficking, especially in women and girls, through domestic and international law enforcement. And we are supporting education, employment, and micro-finance to empower women globally.” The document (see PDF), also pledges to support “the human rights of all of Afghanistan’s people,” including women and girls. In an education section, the strategy pledges to invest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education and career opportunities for women and girls as well as other underrepresented groups.


National Security Strategy May 2010

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