National Young Women’s Day of Action a Success!

Congratulations to all the Leadership Alliances that participated in this year’s National Young Women’s Day of Action (NYWDA), a nationwide grassroots campaign organized for and by young women to activate a reproductive rights agenda that places reproductive and sexual freedom in the context of larger goals of racial justice, economic justice, LGBT rights, freedom from violence and quality education.

The ST. LAWRENCE LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE tabled and flyered their campus with a pro-choice message as well as hosted a video and discussion on feminist activism.

The IOWA STATE LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE participated by chalking, posting banners and signs, face painting, and putting on an interactive play about domestic violence and ending violence against women.

The BROWN LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE worked with a coalition of other progressive groups to distribute condoms, organize a CEDAW petition drive, and raise awareness through a showing of “If These Walls Could Talk.”

The Leadership Alliance at SUNY STONYBROOK worked with their local Planned Parenthood to organize a coat hanger display and video presentation on abortion rights.

The CONNECTICUT COLLEGE LEADERSHIP ALLIANCE also participated in NYWDA and focused on Human Rights Violations including information on mothers in prison, hate crimes prevention, domestic violence, LGBT violations, and women’s AIDS/HIV information. Good work to all of the Leadership Alliances and Choices campaign participants who worked on the NYWDA!

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