Navy Cook Sentenced for Sexual Harassment

On Tuesday, Chief Petty Officer George Powell was convicted of indecent assault, simple assault, and drunk and disorderly conduct for sexually harassing an enlisted woman on a commercial jet in October of 1995 and another woman on a flight in November. The 23-year-old woman on the October flight had testified that Powell, 49 grabbed her breast and said “honk” and put his hand between her legs while she slept in the seat next to his.

Powell was sentenced by a military judge in San Diego to 89 days in the brig, demotion one rank, and reduced pay. He faces additional loss of rank and pay if he does not complete alcohol treatment. Powell has testified that he is an alcoholic suffering post-traumatic stress syndrome and that he was so drunk he does not remember the assault.


CNN - February 28, 1996; USA Today February 28 and 29, 1996

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