Navy Officer Acquitted of Sexual Harassment Charges

A panel of five admirals and three captains, which included two women, found Captain Everett Greene innocent of “unduly familiar personal relationships.” Two of his subordinates accused Greene, who at the time processed sexual harassment claims for th e Navy, of making them feel uneasy at work by repeatedly sending them cards and gifts. One woman commented that, “I didn’t want to believe this was happening, He was a married man, my boss and old enough to be my father.” The other woman commented, “th ey kept coming–it was like he always knew where I was.” The Navy has faced heightened scrutiny in its handling of sexual harassment cases since the infamous 1991 Tailhook incident. Eighty-three women claimed that Naval officers at the 1991 convention of the Tailhook Association assaulted them. According to investigations, as many as 200 men joined in the main offense, a poke-and-grab gauntlet along the third-floor corridor of the Las Vegas Hilton. Yet, after two years of investigation, not a single one of the 140 investigated received any sort of conv iction or disciplinary action.


Time Daily News Summary- October 20, 1995, Time - February 21, 1994

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