Nebraska Abortion Provider Faces Additional Eviction Lawsuit

Abortion provider Dr. LeRoy Carhart, the sole plaintiff in the recent US Supreme Court case Stenberg vs. Carhart which found that Nebraska’s so-called “partial-birth” abortion law was unconstitutional, is being forced to fight yet another eviction lawsuit to keep his clinic in business. Several months ago, a group of anti-choice individuals purchased the building that houses Dr. Carhart’s abortion clinic and have since terminated his lease and issued an eviction notice. Dr. Carhart was involved in a series of legal battles in order to maintain his occupancy and although a judge had previously ruled that the “eviction notices were improper” and that Carhart should not be evicted while his appeal proceeds through the courts, the anti-choice individuals have recently filed a new lawsuit alleging that Carhart should already have vacated the property. Carhart is Nebraska’s only provider of second and third-trimester abortions so, should he be evicted, women in Nebraska would be forced to cross state lines in order to attain that type of procedure.


Omaha World-Herald _ 23 November 2000

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