Never Go Back Outreach and Publicity Strategies From UC San Diego FMLA

The UC SAN DIEGO Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance collected 800 Never Go Back authorization petitions. The group has set a goal of collecting 5000 petitions to send to California Senator Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein, with petitioning strategies such as tabling once a week in a different location on campus and varying their tabling style each time (ie: one week will feature ribbons to remember women who lost their lives to illegal abortion, Never Go Back buttons another week, a feminist raffle for people who sign, etc.) The group also plans on building bridges between different groups, inviting progressive student organizations to sign and share with membership. Among many other outreach and publicity strategies, the group also plans on targeting local community groups, such as their local NOW chapter, making presentations at their meetings and collecting signatures afterwards. Great ideas!


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