New Device May Improve Pill’s Effectiveness

Organon, Inc. has developed a new electronic “reminder card” for women taking oral contraceptives. The small plastic device resembles a credit card and is intended to remind women to take their daily pills.

Beginning on the first day of their monthly regimens, women are instructed to activate their reminder cards by pushing a button. Once activated, the cards will beep once a day, at the same time every day, for three months.

Studies of the pill’s effectiveness show that the most common cause of unintended pregnancies among oral contraceptive users is misuse. Close to half of the women who take the pill forget to take it at least one day each month. Reuters reported that about 1 million of the U.S.’ unintended pregnancies are caused by misuse of oral contraceptives. Women may forget to take their pills, take many on the same day, or discontinue their use while remaining sexually active.

Healthcare providers will begin distributing the cards free of charge with all prescriptions for the Mircette oral contraceptive pill, effective September 1.


Nando Times and AP - August 17, 1999

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