New German Distributor of Mifepristone

Exelgyn Laboratories announced today that the pharmaceutical company Contragest will distribute mifepristone, under the trade name Mifegyne, to women in Germany beginning in January 2001. This announcement comes after the original distributor opted out because of anti-abortion pressure. Mifepristone is approved as a medical alternative to surgical abortion in Germany. Globally, over 10 million women have used the medication as a safe, effective method of early abortion. Exelgyn is responsible for worldwide (non-U.S.) distribution of mifepristone and currently makes the medication available throughout most of Europe, Israel, Russia, Luxemburg, Norway, and Switzerland. The Feminist Majority Foundation waged a twelve-year, highly publicized public education campaign to bring mifepristone to the United States and to expand women’s health care research. Mifepristone was approved as an abortifacient by the FDA on September 28, 2000 and will be marketed in the United States by Danco Laboratories under the trade name Mifeprex.


Exelgyn Press Release - December 14, 2000

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