New Hampshire Repeals Parental Notification Law

Governor John Lynch signed legislation on Friday making New Hampshire the first state to repeal a law requiring minors to notify their parents before receiving an abortion. The 2003 New Hampshire law, which required abortion providers to notify at least one parent 48 hours prior to performing an abortion on a minor, was never enforced due to a lawsuit brought by Planned Parenthood of Northern New England on the basis that it lacked provisions to protect a pregnant minor’s health. Supporters of the legislation that would repeal the 2003 law also questioned the legality of the law, rather than focusing on parental or abortion rights.

“I strongly believe parents should be involved in these decisions, providing important support and guidance. Unfortunately that is not possible in every case,” Gov. Lynch said in support of the repeal. “The Supreme Court found this law unconstitutional because it fails to protect the health and safety of all women, which is why I am signing its repeal.”


The repeal was effective immediately.

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