New Information on Clinic Anthrax Threats

FBI and Planned Parenthood officials have announced new information about the slew of anthrax threats sent to women’s health clinics and pro-choice organizations in the last few weeks.

The FBI has confirmed, after conclusive tests, that none of the almost 30 letters claiming to contain anthrax actually held the deadly bacteria. Officials also revealed that the senders of the threatening letters used the return addresses of two Planned Parenthood offices, paired with appear to be the made-up names of non-existent companies. Several of the zip codes listed on the letters began with either 403 or 405.

Officials also noted that at least two letters including Christmas cards were tested for anthrax because they bore a Lexington, Kentucky postmark and were smudged with brown, powdery stain. The Christmas cards, which were sent to Salt Lake City, Utah and Spokane, Washington, did not claim to contain anthrax. The card sent to Spokane includes a picture of children.


Lexington Herald-Leader - March 2, 1999

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