New Internal Memos Released in Philadelphia Priest Sex Abuse Trial

Arguments continue in the landmark case against Monsignor William Lynn who has been charged with child endangerment and conspiracy for allegedly failing to act in response to cases of alleged priest sex abuse of children. Jurors heard testimony from a detective who read internal memos from the church, detailing the sexual abuse. The documents contained information that one priest “joked about how hard it was to have sex with three boys in one week.”

A grand jury alleged in its January 2011 report that Monsignor Lynn did not remove priests known to have abused children from ministry positions in which they had access to children. The report stated that Lynn “acted as if his job was to protect the abuser, never the abused.”

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the documents show that Lynn was involved in the response to the complaints of abuse and investigated some of the complaints in his role as secretary for clergy. The defense has argued that Lynn was prevented from taking action by Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua and other church officials.

Philadelphia Inquirer 4/3/12; AP 4/2/12; Feminist Daily Newswire 3/26/12

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