New Jersey Senate Bill Approves Paid Family Leave

On Monday, the New Jersey State Senate approved a bill that gives workers paid leave to care for an infant or sick family member. The Record reports that New Jersey would become the third state to provide workers with paid family leave. The bill entitles workers up to six weeks leave paid two-thirds of their salary, up to $524, a week.

The bill states that “very few workers are protected from income losses caused by the need to take time off from work to care for family members who are incapable of self-care, including newborn and newly-adopted children.” The purpose of the bill is to prevent workers from having to chose between caring for a family member who is ill and providing their family with income.

The Record reports that Republicans oppose the bill, saying it would have a negative affect on small businesses. However, New Jersey state senator Stephen Sweeny said, “This is an insurance policy so when tragedy strikes you don’t have to worry about losing your job or your home.”


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