New Poll Shows Endorsements from Interest Groups Have Little Weight

A recently released Swing State Poll from Quinnipiac University shows that candidate endorsements from interest groups, including abortion rights and lesbian and gay rights groups, do not significantly affect the decisions of voters. The poll targeted voters in the swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. When questioned about endorsements for presidential candidates from gay rights groups, the majority of respondents reported that the backing made no difference. Of those who said that an endorsement from a gay or lesbian group would make a difference, more claimed that such an endorsement would make them less likely to support the candidate.

Peter Brown, assistant director of Quinnipiac’s polling unit, explained, “Being perceived as the candidate of gay rights turns off more voters than it attracts, although in general being considered the candidate of a special interest group seems to be a political loser,” Reuters.

Additionally, the poll queried voters about backings from abortion rights groups, business groups, Christian conservatives, gun rights groups, and labor groups. An endorsement from labor groups appears to be the biggest advantage, while support from big business has the most negative affect.


Quinnipiac University Poll 8/8/07; Reuters 8/8/07

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